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Guitar Tuition

 Since 1988 I have performed in different bands. since 2000 I have been tutoring guitars (electric, acoustic and bass) and vocals in a variety of schools, at my home (by audition only) and exclusive in house private tuition.

As of October 2010 I have also been conducting online lessons.

My passion extends back further than memory and has always been the driving force behind my motivations so much so that I have made the teaching and playing of music my career. Period!

I accept all people who have a genuine desire to fulfil their ambition to be as great a guitarist, vocalist or musician in general, regardless of their level of skill. I truly know what it is like when you are a novice and the challenges to be met and can assist.

My style of tuition is universal and modern using contemporary software and hardware all quite simply utilized.

Tuition is no longer available at East Para Primary School, St Patrick's Primary School and St Augustine's Parish Primary. I have moved on to more performance based activity. Many thanks to those that helped me make it happen for the kids.

Private tuition is available via audition only. Don't worry about your level of skill. It does not matter to me if you have a good attitude.

Videography & Photography

The other part of this equation is videography and creative video production.

I continue to film and produce DVD's for many bands, gatherings, major events including volunteer work with conservation groups and community TV.

I specialize in performances of bands in particular! Parties, weddings independent film and many other occasions are in the bag also. Let’s walk.

Experienced in capturing live performances, including audio, video and stills.

Sound Engineering


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